Who makes Calgon?

Answer The ILEX Consumer Products Group makes Calgon products. The company acquired Calgon in 2009 and owns The Healing Garden and Gourmet Dining companies. ILEX Consumer Products Group has offices in Bal... Read More »

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What replaced Calgon's Rain body mist?

As of 2010, Calgon no longer makes the In the Rain fragrance for their Refreshing Body Mist line. The new fragrances available are Morning Glory, Hawaiian Ginger, Tahitian Orchid, Perfect Bliss, Tr... Read More »

People say baking soda makes dermatitis better but it makes mine worse?

You must be allergic, i would ask my druggist if they have anything for your problem.

What is the reason that makes OLED TV need only little power to operate I heard that OLED TV uses less power than the other LCD TVs when compared What makes them so power efficient?

OLED TV works on pixel emission concept and not on the backlight concept. So it takes less amount of power as compare LCD TV.

Who makes an Esa VCR?

ESA VCRs are made by ESA, a division of Daewoo Electronics. Daewoo Electronics is an international corporation with offices in the United States, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Poland and the United Kingdo... Read More »