Who makes Bottom Line fish finders?

Answer Computrol Incorporated in Meridian, Idaho, is the sole manufacturer of Bottom Line fish finders. Computrol provides high-mix and a low volume electronic manufacturing to organizations that sell and... Read More »

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Can you have 2 fish finders on 1 boat?

A majority of boats being sold on the market today come equipped with more than one depth finder. Depth finders--which use transducers to shoot sonar waves into the water--are utilized for both nav... Read More »

Problems With Having Two Fish Finders?

A popular fishing accessory is the electronic device called a fish finder. The fish finder doesn't actually "find" fish for an angler. What it does, using sonar technology, is reveal graphically wh... Read More »

Why do tropical fish lie on the bottom of the fish tank?

Tropical fish stay at the bottom of the tank for long periods of time either because they are ill or because they're asleep.SleepAlthough they do not have eyelids, fish sleep like any other creatur... Read More »

If I play a DVD on my HDTV I get a thin black horizontal line in the picture a few pixels from the top. Connecting my computer you see the line on the top bottom and sides of any video or DVD. Why?

On your TV, you have the ability to change the aspect ratio of the picture. What's happening is that you may have the aspect ratio improperly set so that the DVD's picture doesn't fill the screen, ... Read More »