Who makes AutoZone brand motor oil?

Answer AutoZone's house brand of motor oil is supplied by the Dunn, North Carolina-based Warren Oil Company. Warren Oil took over AutoZone's previous supplier, Coastal Unilube, in 2004. Warren Oil purchas... Read More »

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Who makes O'Reilly brand motor oil?

O'Reilly brand motor oil is packaged and blended by Omni Specialty Packaging out of Shreveport, Louisiana. The company buys its base oils from large refineries such as Exxon/Mobil and Conoco/Philip... Read More »

Who makes the Wal-Mart brand of synthetic motor oil?

Specialty Oil Company makes and manufactures Super Tech synthetic oil for Wal-Mart. In addition to supplying synthetic oil, they produce standard motor oil, motorcycle oil and anti-freeze for autom... Read More »

What makes Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, etc. brand TVs better than off-brand TVs?

Higher quality parts. Superior engineering & workmanship. Better quality control. More inputs & features... the list goes on & on. You can't go wrong buying a Samsung TV compared to the crap brand... Read More »

What Makes High Mileage Motor Oil Different From Regular Motor Oil?

Dozens of different motor oil formulations are available on today's market, and each claims that it's a better value than the others. In a sense, they are all correct. Modern engine oil is very dif... Read More »