Who makes Abilene electric guitars?

Answer The Samick Music Corporation was the company behind the Abilene guitar line. The line consisted mostly of acoustic guitars, but featured several acoustic/electric hybrids, as well. Samick is locate... Read More »

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Who makes Spectrum electric guitars?

Ashley International makes Spectrum electric guitars under the Spectrum Musical Instruments brand. Ashley International's main office is located in Hong Kong. Spectrum Musical Instruments has a Pin... Read More »

How to Distinguish Electric Guitars?

So you want to be a guitar God? Wait! Of course, most important is that you work hard and practice regularly. But for that, you need the right instrument. The guitar you play will be your best frie... Read More »

How do I invest in electric guitars?

ResearchPurchase a guitar collector's guide to use as a researching tool when considering purchasing electric guitars.Name BrandsPurchase electric guitars from manufacturers that are well known--pr... Read More »

Do they still make Fox electric guitars?

Fox Guitars only produces acoustic guitars and electric basses as of May 2010. The Brazilian company has produced guitars since 1998 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. They are available through a limited ... Read More »