Any opinions on Santa Clara Landscaping in Santa Clara, CA?

Answer A MASTER GARDENER for over 15 years, i have seen some good and honest landscapers, and many more not so good. Most landscape contractors' are the horticultural equivalent of the used car salesmen.... Read More »

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What are you going to do about Santa?

I am struggling with that too!! :) As a Christian, I believe there is a LOT more to Christmas than Santa Claus and being good in order to get presents. ICK!! That kind of thing promotes our mat... Read More »

Can santa have children?

This is a very interesting question! There's nothing in Santa's history to suggest he ever had children of his own, but he does love children and wants them to be happy.I guess you could argue that... Read More »

Who is Santa Lucia?

Santa Lucia, or Saint Lucy, whose name means “light,” is the Catholic patron saint of blindness. Born in late third century Sicily, she took a secret vow of virginity at a young age, refused ma... Read More »

How to Know if Santa Is Real?

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