Who made the weaving loom?

Answer The weaving loom as we know it was originally referred to as the Jacquard weaving loom. It was invented by silk-weaver Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801. Both the loom and one of the new resulting wove... Read More »

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Lap & Loom Weaving?

Weaving is one of the most basic and ancient crafts known to mankind. Looms have been used in one guise or another for thousands of years to craft essential items like cloth for clothing, bedding a... Read More »

How to Use a Weaving Loom?

Frame looms are the most common hobby-type looms. They are easy to use and easy to make, and weavers can use them to create everything from throw rugs to tapestries, doilies or place mats. Learning... Read More »

What is a weaving loom?

"As far back as there are relics of civilized life," explains Susan C. Wylly, professor of art at Georgia College & State University, "it is thought that weaving was a part of developing civilizati... Read More »

Who Was the Inventor of the Weaving Loom?

The weaving loom was created by Joseph-Marie Jacquard in 1801. The invention used punched cards to control the loom into creating intricate patterns. When trying to obtain a patent for the Jacquard... Read More »