Who Made the First Grand Piano?

Answer Bartolomeo Cristofori made the first practical piano in 1700, the first piano capable of being played soft and loudly with an escapement mechanism for the hammers. Cristofori's originally named th... Read More »

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Is the kohler campbell a well-made piano?

On One Hand: The Millennium Series Stands says: "Rest assured that...the choice to own a Kohler and Campbell piano is no gamble. In fact, it would be a time tested wise decision... Read More »

What are black piano keys made of?

Most modern pianos have black keys made of plastic. Vintage pianos typically have black keys made of ebony, although some low-end vintage pianos instead use a different wood that was dyed or staine... Read More »

What company made the Apollo baby grand piano?

In 1921 the Apollo Piano Company in De Kalb, Illinois, introduced the Apollo baby grand piano, known as the Apollo style "K." These pianos were 4 feet 8 inches long and originally sold for $795.So... Read More »

I have a Kingsbury Upright Piano the only numbers I can find on it are 50563. What year was it made?