Who made the honduras flag?

Answer The present day Honduran flag was made based on the United States of Central America flag which highlighted five stars. Each star represented one of the states—Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador N... Read More »

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What is the significance of honduras flag?

The Honduras flag consists of two blue bars, separated by a bar of white. In the white section there are five blue stars.HistoryThe Honduras flag was officially adopted on January 19, 1866 by the H... Read More »

What do the colors of the Honduras flag represent?

Every country has a flag to represent it. Each country's flag has a special appearance that distinguishes it from all other flags. The flag of Honduras has displayed its unique arrangement of blu... Read More »

What is the meaning of the flag of Honduras in Central America?

The flag of Honduras is composed of two horizontal blue stripes separated by a horizontal white strip, which features five stars in its center that symbolize the former United Provinces of Central ... Read More »

Who made the first U.S. flag?

The Pennsylvania seamstress Betsy Ross is widely credited with making the first U.S. flag. She knew George Washington personally and is documented to have performed work for him in an official capa... Read More »