Who made the first turntable?

Answer The first turntable, also known as a phonograph, record player, or gramophone, was invented on November 21, 1877 by Thomas Edison. Edison patented his turntable invention about four months later on... Read More »

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Can an old turntable be used to dj?

Yes, old turntables can be used to DJ. In fact, some older turntables are highly sought after by those in the DJ industry. The most coveted brand is Technics, with the 1200 model touted by many DJs... Read More »

How to Use Turntable.FM? is a service that allows anyone to be a DJ and play songs to anyone who wants to listen. You can create your own DJ room make it private or public, or join someone else's DJ room.

Turntable to speakers?

Checking cregislist is a good way to go to save money but if you don't know what to look for sometimes you can get burned or end up buying the wrong stuff..., if you would like to stick with new I ... Read More »

Is this a good turntable?

personally I wouldn't buy it for myself, better to go to ebay pay a little more and get a good older one go for a denon. I run in the same market as Dave V my turntables go for 300 or more.