Who made the first soft contact lenses?

Answer The first soft contact lenses were made by Otto Wichterle, a Czech scientist and inventor. In 1961, Wichterle used a homemade device created out of an old phonograph and an erector set to develop a... Read More »

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Which two companies made soft contact lenses in 1971?

According to eyeTopics, Bausch & Lomb was the first company to produce and sell soft contact lenses for commercial consumption in 1971. They would not have any significant competition for this mar... Read More »

Are my contact lenses hard or soft?

You bought soft lenses of course.You can't buy hard lenses online. Hard lenses...which are actually RGP lenses , (Rigid Gas Permeable) are very small and don't bend in half when wet...they don't ev... Read More »

Who Can Wear Soft Contact Lenses?

Wearing glasses can be bothersome if you play sports or lead an active lifestyle, so contact lenses may offer a solution. Most people seeking to wear contact lenses will try soft contacts.Significa... Read More »

How to Easily Put in Soft Contact Lenses?

Inserting and removing your contact lenses takes a little practice and expertise--it's definitely a trial-and-error learning process. Most types of contact lenses use the same method of insertion b... Read More »