Who made the first portable CD player?

Answer Sony developed the first portable CD player, the D-50, and released it in 1984. The player was much larger than later models, about the size of four CD cases and weighing a whopping 1 pound, 5 ounc... Read More »

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Would you really be able to see a clear difference between a portable dvd player and a portable blu ray player?

You won't see any significant difference (The screen is too small to show differences due to the higher resolution of Blu-ray (and the BD player screen may not even be higher resolution than the DV... Read More »

Who made the first portable refrigerator?

In 1873, the first portable refrigerator was built by Carl von Linde. His first refrigerator was tested in a Munich, Germany, brewery to cool beer vats so that beer could be produced and stored in ... Read More »

Who made the first portable camera?

Johann Zahn built the first portable camera in 1685. The technology at that time only allowed the camera to project the image of an external object onto a surface of paper or glass; the camera cou... Read More »

What is the difference between portable DVD player and car player?

A car player means that the player is built into the car. A portable DVD player can only be played in the car by connecting a DV-power cable to the car battery.