Who made the first pie crust?

Answer Pie crust was originally invented by the British. According to, a Roman Apicius cookbook was the first to publish a pie crust recipe in a cookbook. The pie crust recipe was publish... Read More »

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What is the crust made of in a spaghetti pie?

The crust of spaghetti pie is made from cooked spaghetti, a beaten egg and grated cheese. The ingredients are mixed and then pressed into the bottom of a pie pan. Experiment with different cheeses ... Read More »

I miss good pizza, does anyone know of pizzas in Houston made with Provel Cheese and ultra thin crust?

The best pizza in southwest Houston, if not the entire city can be found here:Antonio's Flying Pizza & Italian Restaurant 2920 Hillcroft St Houston 77057 713.783.6080 Closed Sundays and Mondays.... Read More »

What makes up "eye crust" and how does it get there?

Eye crust is actually called Rheum and is a natural mucus discharge from the eyes. However from what you're describing it sounds like you have something called Mucopurulent discharge. This is cause... Read More »

How to Make a Pie Crust Mix?

Ready to bake.Making this mix will help speed up baking pies of all kinds. Just mix this up and store in the refrigerator. Use it for any recipe calling for pie pastry.