Who made the first microwave oven?

Answer The microwave oven is the product of an accidental discovery made in 1946 by Dr. Percy Spencer, an engineer at the Raytheon Corporation. While testing a new vacuum tube called a magnetron, he notic... Read More »

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Why does the plate inside the microwave oven rotate when the oven is swtiched on?

It's set to rotate so that the food on the plate that you're trying to warm up gets warmed up evenly all over the plate.If you don't have a rotating plate, it will still warm it up, but you may hav... Read More »

When was the first convection oven made?

Convection ovens are considered by many to be a superior form of oven because they use fans to circulate hot air throughout the oven. This causes food to cook evenly throughout. The first convectio... Read More »

Why can't we put metal in a microwave oven, even though the inside of the microwave is all metal?

Because the inside of the oven is designed to reflect and concentrate the microwaves where they want them. Metal you put inside would reflect the waves unpredictably and could cause very high level... Read More »

How to Buy a Microwave Oven?

Microwave ovens have been a staple of modern kitchens for years. The speeds at which they cook food coupled with their compact size make them a convenient addition to the home. Today the market is ... Read More »