Who made the first laser beam?

Answer A scientist named Theodore Maiman created the world's first working laser beam on May 16th, 1960, at the Hughes Research Laboratory in California. The first public announcement of this feat was on ... Read More »

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Who made the first laser printer?

The first laser printer was invented in 1969 by a Xerox Corporation employee named Gary Starkweather. He developed the machine by modifying a laser cartridge that was being used in a Xerox copier.S... Read More »

Laser Beam Dangers?

Lasers are used in the 21st century everywhere from medical centers to the entertainment sector, and are increasingly available for use in the workplace and for sale over the Internet. Since indivi... Read More »

How to Diffuse a Laser Beam?

When a beam of light is shone onto a smooth, metallic surface such as a mirror, it is reflected and leaves the surface as a coherent beam traveling at the same angle, on the same plane, but in the ... Read More »

How fast is a laser beam?

Dr. Lijun Wang and his associates of NEC research Princeton, Massachusetts report an experiment producing a laser speed of 300 times the speed of light. The speed of light is 186,282 miles per seco... Read More »