Who made the first jet skis?

Answer Kawasaki is recognized as the first company to mass-market jet skis. However, Clayton Jacobson is the inventor of the jet ski. Jacobson sued Kawasaki for improperly obtaining patents for his techno... Read More »

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Where are volkl skis made?

Volkl skis are made in Germany. Volkl is the only company now developing and making skis in Germany as of 2010, according to Volkl President and CEO Dr. Christoph Bronder.Source:Volkl: Philosophy

Where are Salomon skis made?

The majority of Salomon skis are manufactured at the Rumilly factory in France. The rest of the Salomon skis are manufactured at a Fischer plant in Austria. Only the cheaper, entry-level skis are ... Read More »

What was the name of the skis Salomon made in 1992?

Francois Salomon first invented the safety-release toe piece now present on most skis, and then in 1990 launched his first ski design, the S9000, which hit the markets in 1992.References:Francois S... Read More »

What kind of materials are water skis made out of?

Water skis can be made from a variety of materials. Wood, fiberglass and graphite are all common materials that are used to make water skis. Carbon fiber is also used to make skis but is more costl... Read More »