Who made the first jelly bean?

Answer The inventor of the jelly bean is unknown, but the candy is believed to be an offshoot of the ancient confection known as Turkish Delight. Panning, the preparation method developed in the 17th cent... Read More »

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Who created the first jelly bean?

The creator of the first jelly bean is unknown. The soft center of the jelly bean is a confection known as Turkish delight and was created by an unknown Turk in 1777. The hard shell was later added... Read More »

When was the first peanut butter&jelly sandwich made?

While no specific date can be known for certain, one of the earliest written references to the famous sandwich was published by Julia Davis Chandler in 1901. At that time, peanut butter was consid... Read More »

Who invented the jelly bean?

Although the inventor of jelly beans remains unknown, the jelly bean center is related to a candy made in the Middle East called Turkish Delight. The shell around the gel center comes from a 17th c... Read More »

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