Who made the first ice cream machines?

Answer Nancy Johnson invented the first ice cream machine in 1843. When turned, a hand crank on the machine stirred the ingredients, freezing the ice cream smoothly. Prior to Nancy's invention, making ice... Read More »

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How many Baby Pac-Man machines were made?

Baby Pac-Man was a hybrid game that combined a pinball machine and a video game. The units were released by Bally Manufacturing Corporation in 1982 and only 7,000 Baby Pac-Man games were ever produ... Read More »

What are the machines that made the iPad 2?

Where are Whirlpool washing machines made?

Whirlpool washing machines and manufactured in Clyde, Ohio. In addition to its Whirlpool brand, The Whirlpool Corporation also manufactures Maytag and Amana washing machines, all of which are produ... Read More »