Who made the first ice cream machines?

Answer Nancy Johnson invented the first ice cream machine in 1843. When turned, a hand crank on the machine stirred the ingredients, freezing the ice cream smoothly. Prior to Nancy's invention, making ice... Read More »

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What was the first ice cream scooper made of?

The ice cream scoop was invented on Feb. 2, 1897, by Alfred L. Cralle. While scoops are now made of many different materials, the first scoops were heavy and made out of metal.Source:Carnegie Libra... Read More »

Who made the first touch screen phone iPhone, htc, Android............ just wana know who made it first?

Coffee Ice Cream Rocky Road Ice Cream Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Or Butter Pecan Ice Cream?

Who made Cole key-duplicating machines?

Joseph. E. Cole, born in Cleveland, Ohio, established the Cole National Corp. in Ohio and also made the Cole key-duplicating machines. These key-cutting machines played an important role during th... Read More »