Who made the first hand-held scientific pocket calculator?

Answer Hewlett-Packard introduced the first handheld, pocket-sized scientific calculator in 1972. It was capable of calculations that were previously done on a slide-rule. Sales of the first model (the HP... Read More »

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Do you need a tv licence for a pocket/hand held TV?

yes one hundred percent yes! without a shadow of a doubt you do need one, if you dont have a tv licence already for your house then you do, if you do have one you are sorted, providing that you liv... Read More »

Who invented the first pocket calculator?

Texas Instruments started development on the electronic pocket calculator in 1966. Texas Instruments formed a joint venture with Canon to manufacture it and they introduced the Pocketronic calculat... Read More »

Who introduced the first scientific calculator?

Hewlett-Packard invented the first scientific calculator in 1968. Called the 9100A, the calculator weighed 40 pounds and cost $4,900. HP created the 9100A as a computer, but decided to market it as... Read More »

What was the name of the first hand held vacuum cleaner?

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