Who made the first globe in history?

Answer Crates of Mallus, a Greek, built the first globe in 140 B.C. The Ancient Greeks had no knowledge of faraway lands like Australia and North and South America, but they still realized that the earth ... Read More »

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The History of the Snow Globe?

It's one of the most iconic scenes in film. The screen is dominated by a snow globe. As the camera pulls back, it drops from a hand and breaks. The opening scene from "Citizen Kane" might represent... Read More »

Who made the first globe?

The first globe was created by a German cartographer named Martin Behaim. He began work on his globe in 1490 and finished it in 1492. It is available for viewing in the German National Museum in Nu... Read More »

Who made the first world globe?

The first globe is believed to have been made by Crates of Mallus, a Greek man, in 140 B.C. However, the geographical globe would not have resembled anything like the globes we see today, because t... Read More »

Where are Globe shoes made?

Globe is an international skate shoe company started in 1994 out of Melbourne, Australia, where the head office and manufacturing office are still located as of 2010. The company also makes other... Read More »