Who made the first electromagnet?

Answer The first electromagnet to ever be made was created by British electrical engineer William Sturgeon in 1825 based off of the discovery of electromagnetism by Hans Christian Oersted in 1820, a Danis... Read More »

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Is an electromagnet made with bar magnets?

An electromagnet is not made out of bar magnets. An electromagnet is essentially a coil of wire wrapped around a core, usually iron, that becomes the solenoid of the electromagnet. The solenoid can... Read More »

Who made the electromagnet that could hold 2000 pounds?

Joseph Henry, an American scientist, created the first electromagnet that could hold more than 2,000 pounds in 1831. The "Yale magnet," as it is called, was the most powerful electromagnet of the t... Read More »

What does the electromagnet contain?

An electromagnet at its simplest is a current-carrying coil of wire. Typically the coil is wrapped around a bar or iron core, which dramatically increases the strength of the magnetic field produce... Read More »

What are some uses of an electromagnet?

Electromagnets are man-made magnets that are created through the use of electricity. This type of magnet is used in many modern applications and devices.Electric PowerElectricity is produced throug... Read More »