Who made the first car radio?

Answer Paul Gavin and Elmer Wavering of Quincy, Illinois, took apart a home radio in 1929 and, after much tinkering, managed to get it to work in a car. The Ford Motor Company offered the first pre-insta... Read More »

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Can an iPod be made into a radio?

Yes. Some models of the iPod nano have built-in FM tuners that let you see the names of songs and artists. Also it includes two features--iTunes Tagging and Live Pause. The iPod Nano also lets you ... Read More »

Who made the shortwave radio?

Several people contributed to the invention of the shortwave radio. Heinrich Hertz, for example, discovered radio waves in 1887. However, according to the University of San Diego, Guglielmo Marconi... Read More »

Why was the transistor radio made?

Bell Labs invented the transistor radio in an effort to revolutionize communications and radio signals with the hope of granting the U.S. military an advantage over their enemies. The transistor ra... Read More »

Who made the first radio broadcast?

Reginald Fessenden, a Canadian engineer, made the first radio broadcast on December 24, 1906. It was made from Brant Rock, Massachusetts, and was heard by radio operators on a boat in the Atlantic ... Read More »