Who made the first breath mint?

Answer The first breath mint was made by the American Chicle Company, which pioneered the gum and mint business in the late 19th century. The company was later bought by Adams Company, then Warner Lambert... Read More »

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It's a breath mint It's is a candy mint It's two Two Two mints in one What is it?

Who invented the first breath mint?

The American Chicle Company invented Certs, the first mint aimed at freshening breath, and introduced the product in1956. Certs are a combination of candy and breath freshener. The breath-freshenin... Read More »

Who decided mint would be the the flavour of fresh breath?

Our sense of smell decided, not a person.And since human beings have been eating mint since the dawn of time, they kind of figured it out on their own.

What is the Pyramid Watch from Franklin Mint made of?

The Pyramid Cuff Watch designed by Alfred Durante for the Franklin Mint is electroplated with 22-karat gold. It also contains Swiss quartz clock movement. The watch is no longer for sale from the F... Read More »