Who made the first Chevy?

Answer The first Chevy car, called the "Chevrolet Classic Six," was made by the Chevrolet Company. The first Chevy truck was sold in 1918.Source:Chevrolet: Our History

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Where was the Chevy Cobalt made?

The Chevrolet Cobalt was made at a General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio. The Cobalt was discontinued in the 2010 model year and is being replaced by the Chevrolet Cruze which will also be built ... Read More »

Who made chevy prizm?

The Chevy Prizm was a subcompact car manufactured by a joint venture of General Motors and Toyota called New United Motors Manufacturing Inc., or NUMMI. All Prizms were made at the NUMMI plant in F... Read More »

Who made the first chevy impala?

The first Chevy Impala was released by General Motor's Chevrolet brand in 1958. At the time, it was one of Chevrolet's most expensive car models.Source:Chevrolet: Our HistoryMuscle Car Club: Chevy ... Read More »

What year was the first Chevy made?

The Chevrolet Motor Company originated in 1911 and began fabricating the Chevrolet brand that same year. In 1912, Chevrolet released their first car, the Classic Six. Chevrolet released their first... Read More »