Who made the dulcimer?

Answer The dulcimer is a musical instrument that looks a bit like a xylophone. Scholars believe the first dulcimer to have been made around the 10th century. The modern dulcimer used in orchestras was inv... Read More »

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What are dulcimer strings made of?

Dulcimer strings are made of a variety of different kinds of metal. Each type has its own characteristics and can be used interchangeably, although the user may have a preference. The types of wire... Read More »

How big is a dulcimer?

The size of a dulcimer varies depending on the model. Traditional dulcimers measure 37 x 8 x 2 inches. Several other models such as the CSH and the teardrop vary only in width. The mini-dulcimer ... Read More »

How is a dulcimer related to the piano?

The hammer dulcimer is similar to a piano. Depending on viewpoint, the hammer dulcimer is a step in the evolution of the piano, or the piano is a mechanism that mimics the sweeter sound of the hamm... Read More »

What is a dulcimer cousin?

According to FolkWorks, any of the instruments within the zither family are cousins to the dulcimer. This includes the autoharp, the koto and classical European zithers. The family is defined by th... Read More »