Who made the dulcimer?

Answer The dulcimer is a musical instrument that looks a bit like a xylophone. Scholars believe the first dulcimer to have been made around the 10th century. The modern dulcimer used in orchestras was inv... Read More »

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What are dulcimer strings made of?

Dulcimer strings are made of a variety of different kinds of metal. Each type has its own characteristics and can be used interchangeably, although the user may have a preference. The types of wire... Read More »

How big is a dulcimer?

The size of a dulcimer varies depending on the model. Traditional dulcimers measure 37 x 8 x 2 inches. Several other models such as the CSH and the teardrop vary only in width. The mini-dulcimer ... Read More »

When was the dulcimer invented?

The dulcimer first appears in a 12th-century manuscript of Byzantium (in ancient Greece). The dulcimer was developed in ancient Persia (Iran) and did not reach Europe until the 15th century, accord... Read More »

How many strings does a dulcimer have?

The number of strings on a dulcimer varies. A three-string dulcimer is typically used when teaching others to play the instrument. Dulcimers can also have four, five, six or eight strings.Source:Th... Read More »