Who made the deal that allows commercials to be louder than content?

Answer The signal strength is constant and regulated by FCC. Commercials just use all of the signal carrier available. Normal programming does not.

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Why are commercials always 10x louder than the shows?

It's to get your attention... annoying I know but it does work...

$700 for a 47 inch 3D, LED, Wi-Fi, Smart TV Good deal Any tips on how I can get free 3D content?

Yes, it is a pretty good deal (although I would need the exact model to tell).If you aren't already subscribed to a 3D channel, there isn't really any free 3D content yet. The best source for 3D co... Read More »

What recourse is there for payments not made on a subject to deal real estate deal?

Why is my central air conditioning unit getting louder and louder?

could be the blower wheel itself is out of balance or the hub is coming loose from the blower...or the motor bearings are going has to be one of the two problems...