What are the colors in the rainbow ?

Answer Rainbows are an arch of color that appears in the sky after certain weather conditions. Water in the air acts as a prism, splitting sunlight into its component colors and reflecting those colors ba... Read More »

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How to Remember the Colors of the Rainbow?

Some people have a hard time remembering the colors of the rainbow... but there is a way to do it! Here's how.

How to Dye Your Hair Rainbow Colors?

Adding a variety of colored clip-in extensions to your hair can give you the rainbow look for a day, but to keep the look for longer, you'll need to use hair dye. Dyeing your hair in colors all at ... Read More »

How to Stripe Your Nails with Rainbow Colors?

Rainbow has those cool colors that can enhance your nails. Here are some tips and designs for you to create a fabulous nail paint with them.

How many colors were there on the original rainbow flag and what were they?

Unveiled in 1978 to honor the memory of gay activist Harvey Milk, the original rainbow flag featured eight colored stripes. The colors included pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo a... Read More »