Who made the Honduran flag?

Answer The Honduran flag was created by the National Constituent Assembly of the United Provinces of Central America to which Honduras belonged before its independence in 1838. Upon independence, the Hond... Read More »

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What are honduran coins called?

The coins are called # Centavos de Lempira meaning # cents of a Lempira. For example a 5 centavos de Lempira coin is measured as 5/100 Lempiras just like the 5 cents of a dollar (nickel) is 5/100 o... Read More »

Who made the first U.S. flag?

The Pennsylvania seamstress Betsy Ross is widely credited with making the first U.S. flag. She knew George Washington personally and is documented to have performed work for him in an official capa... Read More »

Who is said to have made the U.S. flag?

Betsy Ross created the first version of the current United States flag. The flag featured 13 white stars arranged in a circle on a blue background, as well as 13 alternating red and white stripes.S... Read More »

Do Honduran people need a tourist visa to go to Austria?

Honduran citizens do not need a tourist visa to go to Austria. Austria falls under the Schengen visa jurisdiction, and tourists from Honduras traveling in the Schengen zone (which includes Austria)... Read More »