Who made the Haitian flag?

Answer Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the leader of the Haitian Revolution, is credited for creating the Haitian flag, according to Yussuf J. Simmonds in a February 2010 article for "The Los Angeles Sentinel." ... Read More »

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When is Haitian Flag Day?

Since 1803, Haitian Flag Day has been celebrated annually on May 18th. The day commemorates the creation of a new bi-color blue and red flag to celebrate the country's newfound freedom from French ... Read More »

Does the Haitian flag have a nickname?

The Haitian flag, which was patterned after the French flag, does not have a nickname. The original Haitian flag had a white stripe. That stripe, which was associated with oppression by white colon... Read More »

What does the symbol of the haitian flag stand for?

The symbol on the Haitian flag depicts a palm leaf and a cap of liberty along with the inscription "L'union fait la force," which means "In union there is strength." The blue and red stripes signif... Read More »

Who made the first U.S. flag?

The Pennsylvania seamstress Betsy Ross is widely credited with making the first U.S. flag. She knew George Washington personally and is documented to have performed work for him in an official capa... Read More »