Who made the CD player?

Answer The compact disc (CD) player was invented by a collective task force of Sony, CBS/Sony, Phillips and Polygram company engineers. It was unveiled in Tokyo, Japan on August 31, 1982. The first CD p... Read More »

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I bought a Sony BDPS370 Blu-Ray player from Amazon and the disc made a whirring noise during playback which I could not live with and not sure if the player was faulty or if they all do this?

What is a blu- ray player made of?

Where was the blu ray player made?

CD is mainly used for distributing music,while DVD can store more data and used to distribute movies and BLUE RAY can hold up to 50GB.

Who made the first portable CD player?

Sony developed the first portable CD player, the D-50, and released it in 1984. The player was much larger than later models, about the size of four CD cases and weighing a whopping 1 pound, 5 ounc... Read More »