Who made mercury glass?

Answer Mercury glass, or silvered glass, as it is also called, dates back to 19th-century Germany or the forests of Bohemia, today known as the Czech Republic, around 1840. Who first made mercury glass is... Read More »

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When were mirrors made from mercury?

By the end of the Middle Ages, mirrors were made from flat plate glass with a metal backing--an amalgam of 75 percent tin and 25 percent mercury brushed onto the glass to give it a reflective surfa... Read More »

Who made the first mission to Mercury?

mercury is the nearest planet to the sun.the space craft mariner 10 who the one who took pictures on it

What is Mercury's surface made up of?

Mercury is similar to the moon in many ways. Its surface has cratered terrain, smooth plains and deep craters. It reflects six percent of the sunlight it receives, and it also is covered, just like... Read More »

What is the planet Mercury made of?

Among the planets in the solar system, Mercury is the second densest. It is composed of mostly rock and metal. The planet's surface is covered by a layer of minerals called "silicates." Mercury has... Read More »