Do humans have a third eye?

Answer In humans, the third eye refers to the pineal gland, an organ located in the middle of the forehead, just above the eyebrows. It has been termed the third eye due to beliefs that it is a key in the... Read More »

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Can humans get the horse flu?

Horse flu (equine influenza) is spread only among members of the equine species, such as horses, donkeys and mules. Humans can carry the virus on skin or clothes and transmit it among horses, but i... Read More »

Why Are There No Humans in Arabesque Art?

Arabesque art is "an art of intricate, repetitive and symmetrical patterns of intertwined lines," according to the Spain Then and Now website. Arabesque works typically are from one of two forms. T... Read More »

What Is Mange, and Can Humans Get It?

"Mange" is a catchall name for a range of various illnesses that tend to affect pets. They're best known for causing hair loss, scaling and severe itching, and are caused by parasitic mites that cl... Read More »

Cat Parasites & Humans?

Zoonotic diseases are infections that can be passed from animals to humans. In some zoonotic infections, humans and animals will exhibit the same symptoms. In others, the infectious agent responds ... Read More »