Who made changes to overtime the iPhone?

Answer Yes, go to Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendar then in the mail section there is a Signature option.

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How can I check if someone has made changes to my PC?

By having a good memory and seeing/noticing any changes that have been made.Also unless it has been set up that way, no computer on any networkcan change the settings on another one on the same net... Read More »

How to Get iPhone to Notify You of Facebook Changes?

If you use the Facebook application on your iPhone, you may find that you aren't notified of changes on your Facebook account. This was rectified with version 3 of the Facebook application (release... Read More »

What are the changes made to Sesame Street?

It was never released it was made for Chuck. It is not actually a song it is designed to fit chuck.

IPhone 4 music volume changes by itself!?

I've been having this same issue with my brand-new iPhone 4.So far, I think I just found a possible solution...Go to settings > General > Reset (All the way at the bottom) > Reset All Settings* Thi... Read More »