Who made Wikipedia!!!!?

Answer Thousands of people made and are making wikipedia.If you mean, who invented the general wiki software idea ... that was Ward Cunningham.

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Anyone know who made a wikipedia for my band ?

What do you consider to be the most helpful contributions made to Wikipedia?

The contributions made by Wikipedia are easy access to information and specially international and regional historical data very much available. But, please be careful, not everything that you rea... Read More »

Have you made a donation to Wikipedia tonight ......?

Hi Sheltie Lover, I trust readers and I am sure they'll all help: last year's grandtotal has already been beaten, but there are still some millions to go! Remember that any amount helps getting rid... Read More »

OMG OMG OMG! Somebody made a WIKIPEDIA page on me! I'm not even famous!!!?

this is very is a strategy by the MUSLIMS to inflate fear in the public...Islamists are not the same today as they were 20 years ago...they now use the Internet to create terror in the ... Read More »