Who made Scotch tape& what country is it made in?

Answer Scotch Brand Cellulose Tape was invented in 1930 by chemist Richard Drew during his employment at the 3M company. The American company continues to market and manufacture Scotch Tape products. Drew... Read More »

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How is Scotch tape made?

Scotch tape is 3M's brand name of clear cellophane tape. The original Scotch tape adhesive formula included rubber, oils and resins. The current formula is a trade secret, but the general process i... Read More »

What is Scotch Brite made of?

Scotch-Brite is a brand owned by 3M. In the late 1950s, the Scotch-Brite brand was created to sell heavy-duty scouring pads. The heavy-duty scouring pad remains one of Scotch-Brite's most popular p... Read More »

Would it be alright to restore a cassette tape by placing scotch tape in between?

Yeah, you can do that. I used to have a government job working with those large tape reels, and we were taught to splice the tape that way. Just line up both sides of the tape, cut it at a 45 deg... Read More »

Can a VHS tape be made from a DVD?

Yes, you can make a copy of a DVD onto a VHS tape, but the quality will not be nearly as good. VHS is an analog standard and is much lower-quality than DVD. DVD players also use Macrovision copy ... Read More »