Who made Honda motorbikes?

Answer Honda motorbikes, or motorcycles, are manufactured by Honda Motor Company, Ltd of Japan. Honda is the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles. It is also the world's largest producer of the int... Read More »

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I was told today that Harley Davis Motorbikes are not all made in the USA, Is this true.?

Like most manufacturers Harley source some parts elswhere but does that make them any less desireable. I think notI have had Honda's and loved them but am now on my 2nd Harley and would not wish t... Read More »

Motorbikes for girls?

You dont say your age if you are 16 then you are stuck with a moped if you are over 17 then you can ride a 125 with 'L' plates, go to one of your local motorcycle dealers and see what fits you and ... Read More »

Harley Davidson motorbikes. Do you get what you pay for?

my opinion? buying the name, not that it isn't a cool name though...EDIT: wow, didn't realize I'd get soo many thumbs both directions. Alrighty I'll give a more complete answer. Are Harleys good ... Read More »

Motorbikes, why do people pull stunts on them?

The question is WHY but the answer is more difficult and really "I don't know"In order to obtain a licence to ride it is likely to cost in excess of £600 in my area possibly as much as £800 plus ... Read More »