Who loves orange soda?

Answer K-K-Kel loves orange sodaMMMHHMMM! I do, I do, I do-oooh

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French Fries or Taters White Rice or Macaroni & Cheese Orange Juice or Orange Soda?

French Fries or Taters? French FriesWhite Rice or Macaroni & Cheese? Macaroni and CheeseOrange Juice or Orange Soda?Orange Juice

Sunkist orange soda or fanta orange?

sunkist ...but I wouldn't pass up a free FAnta !

Who Loves Cream Soda?

I love cream soda! Especially A&W diet cream soda. In fact... I'm having a glass of it right now

What's the difference between orange soda and orange dry?

Not very different, it's just depend on your taste.