What is the cure rate for lymphoma?

Answer The cure rate, or five-year survival rate, for Hodgkin lymphoma--one of two broad categories of lymphoma--is 65 to 90 percent, depending on the stage in which it is detected; the average is about 8... Read More »

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How long does the gunite have to cure and how long does the plaster have to cure on a swimming pool?

Answer Most recommendations for gunite are for a cure time of a week. While curing, the gunite should be wet down frequently, this will slow the curing and result in a stronger end product. I'm not... Read More »

My dad had hodgkins lymphoma 25 yrs ago and now has diffuse large b cell non hodkins lymphoma am i at risk?

NO Any kind of cancer doesn't mean the son or daughter of this person will be at risk ;; except for colon cancer MY mother died from a ovarian cancer and NOBODY else in her family died from cancer ... Read More »

How long can Lymphoma go undetected?

First off change your doctor... fast. Its easier if you can "move" at the same time. For example go on a "long holiday" and go and see the doctor there. We have found many "doctors" that are frank... Read More »

How long can a person live with lymphoma?

Theoretically, a person can live forever with lymphoma if given treatment. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society notes that lymphoma is a type of blood cancer. As of February 2010, about 912,938 people i... Read More »