Who lived in castles in Medieval times?

Answer The king or lord of the castle and his family always lived in the castle, as did his accounting staff, the castle guard and the staff who took care of daily tasks like cleaning, hunting or cooking.... Read More »

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How much did it cost to build medieval castles?

The cost to build a medieval castle depended on various things, such as location, quality of materials, weather and transport. Few reliable records exist, but we do know that castles in England co... Read More »

Medieval Times questions?

1. No. The waiters are just regular people .2. The knights own the horses.3. ?4. Very rarely. The fighting is choreographed.5. No. I used to work with a girl who was married to one of the knights.

When did the Medieval times end?

The Medieval times, also known as the Middle Ages, lasted from approximately 1066, the year that the Normans took over England, to 1485, the year that King Richard III died, according to Middle-age... Read More »

When did the medieval times begin&end?

Medieval times are commonly referred to as the Middle Ages, though this time period also includes the Dark Ages after Rome was conquered. Beginning in A.D. 476, medieval times extended all the way ... Read More »