Who lived at Hampton Court Palace?

Answer A number of notable people have lived at Hampton Court Palace, including Cardinal Wolsey; King Henry VIII, his wives and three children; James I; Oliver Cromwell; King William III and Queen Mary II... Read More »

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Who built the Hampton Court Palace?

Although previous tenants may have made improvements to the manor at Hampton Court, it was Cardinal Thomas Wolsey who first built it into a palace in the early 16th century. King Henry VIII receive... Read More »

How old is the Hampton Hotel?

The Hampton Inn, also referred to as the Hampton Hotel, was first introduced in 1984, making the Hampton about 26 years old as of 2010. In 1995 the Hampton Inn and Suites hotels where introduced.So... Read More »

Is there a time limit for filing an answer in state court after remand from federal court?

There is a time limit to file an answer in state court, after remand from federal court. Each state specifies this limit within their judicial codes. Arkansas, for instance, allows 20 days in most ... Read More »

Do US military personnel have the same constitutional rights in a court-martial as they do in civilian court?

US military personnel DO have Constitutional rights but in many respects the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) does not parallel the civilian court system. The two are not really comparable.