Who likes their burgers just like I do?

Answer thats exactctaly how i like them

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Would you like it if McDonald's change their fries just like Wendy's did to their fries?

All those skinny fries taste the same to me. I go to places that have thicker fries like Culvers'

Do you find it stupid when a guy just likes a female singer just because she's hot?

there are many different people, and some just like the looks. some just like the voice. but there arealso people who like both, such as since i listen to kpop. they have groups and i love there lo... Read More »

I don't like beans but will I like Black Bean Burgers?

If the spices are right, it can be delicious.

Guys how do you like like your burgers and steaks cooked?

Medium rare steak. Medium burger.Anything more and the meat is overcooked, dry and tough to chew.