Who likes marmite?

Answer Yes definately.(I think it is suitable for vegans, it was originally made as a by produt of the brewing industry, using up the excess yeast)

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How to Eat Marmite?

Marmite. Either you love it, or you hate it. But even the most convinced Marmite hater can become a Marmite lover. This article will show you how.

How to Drink Marmite?

A marmite broth has a distinct meaty flavour perfect for warming your insides on a cold day. Alternatively, why not try drinking marmite in your cocktails.

Do you like marmite?

Wow! I am in the USA,born and raised here,and just bought some.I found it under the 'Ethnic Foods/British' aisle of a large supermarket.I was surprised how incredibly salty it is.It is obviously an... Read More »

Marmite. How do you eat yours?

how can you eat that shite!!.. its horrible!! it or hate it.. hate it defo!!