Who likes kinchee and Korean food!!!! Also who likes very spicy food.?

Answer sometimes when I'm feeling extra lazy I just boil some kimchee in mild stock and put some meat to stew with it--fresh or in the worst case scenario, sliced wieners, ugh--but it really works for a c... Read More »

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Who likes indian spicy food and why?

Who likes 2 eat baby food?

I like 2 eat babyfood. it's delicious u know..

Who likes chinese food?

I love it.But, you do realize that the vast majority of "Chinese food" eaten outside of China isn't really Chinese, right?Western Chinese food is not really what's eaten in China. Even Japanese "C... Read More »

Who likes mexican food?

Seems like most of the people answering don't even know what real Mexican food really is...*takes deep breath* Here it goes...I love Mexican food...I'm one American that knows that Mexican food is... Read More »