Who likes YouTube?

Answer URL Not Found.I'd say not very good ;)

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Im selling youtube likes can i use the youtube logo on my site?

OMG!!!!!! How much????I'll pay up to 25$ per like per video!!!!!!!!!!!

Who likes Fred On Youtube?

he is pretty retarded but some things like fred on thanks giving in certain scenes are hilarious that just want to make you play it over and over again

Who likes the new youtube channel design?

I absolutely hate it! The old design was neat and tidy, and much more simple to use. The new design is a mess to be honest.I love being on youtube, but I think it is highly unfair for us to have ... Read More »

Why isn't my youtube video getting any likes/dislikes?

The YouTube counter takes a while to catch up. On popular videos you'll always see "323 views" or something like that when it actually has 100,000. This happens when you first upload it. It usually... Read More »