Who knows some good vegetarian food that settles the crave for meat?

Answer When I'm craving meat I get some Primal Strips jerky. I never liked beef jerky (because it was too tough) but Primal strips are perfect!I also go for Gardenburger Ribs!If I feel like chicken I get... Read More »

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After 2 years straight of being a vegetarian, I'm starting to crave meat?

well you have to question urself- how serious are your beliefs?we all should listen to our bodies- if we did so we would all be healthy (eat when you are hungry, stop when u are full). cravings are... Read More »

Vegetarians do you get your vegetarian food from a place that serves meat?

WOW!!! I never even thought about this...Thanks for the insight. I thought I was doing some good saying no to meat!I will strive to find someplace that is equivalent to a vegetarian's store. Unfort... Read More »

What are some vegan/vegetarian recipes that I can add meat to so they will taste better?

Aloo muttor gobi is very popular among the vegetarian Indians I run into all the time and I always share my aloo with them but they never seem to notice that it has pork in it. I get the pork from ... Read More »

Going flexi vegetarian - What are some good recipes and snacks which don't consist of meat?

Your parents are extremely misinformed. It is perfectly possible to get adequate iron on a vegetarian diet. Legumes/beans, which are the protein backbone of most plant based diets, are in fact extr... Read More »