Who knows of any old wives tales that works?

Answer Hi: This might be a small tangent to your question. I don't know how much you know about Edgar Cayce, but he was one of the world's most gifted and documented psychics. He gave over 14,000 readin... Read More »

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Boy or Girl Any wives tales on how to tell?

Heartbeat above 140 - girlBelow 140 - boyChinese Gender Chart…Carrying high - girlCarrying low - boyMorning sickness - girlNo morning sickness - boyFor me:... Read More »

Any 'old wives tales' to getting pregnant actually worked for anyone?

I dunno, but my boyfriend's mother is always trying to get me to rub my hands on this weird fertility statue... I told her we're not ready for kids yet haha! (I'm an adult, but not ready to be a mom!)

Does anyone knows if that Youthology eye cream really works?

Youthology was not ranked as one of the better product on the market, clink on this link to see which eye creams work best. It is a great resource…

Does anyone take Amitriptyline, and knows exactly how it works?

A lot of diet pills have phentermine which is a form of amphetamine (you can look it up), which is another word for SPEED! Your heart will race, and speed up...while antidepressants slow your body ... Read More »