Who knows if a Plasma T/V uses more power than the usual sets?

Answer I don't care is a lot better picture though

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Does anyone recommend those LCD televisons or the plasma ones, as opposed to the usual ordinary flat screen?

Yes we got one for a really good price from currys, it is much better quality and not too expencive, if you get chance why not have a look on the currys website? They might have some extra good dea... Read More »

Why aren't the Power Ranger DVDs being sold in box sets in region four?

First, Get the Picture did not premiere until 1991, when both seasons were taped. Second, if you had Nickelodeon GAS, reruns of Get the Picture were airing until the channel was closed December 31... Read More »

How much power does a Plasma TV use?

What is worth more: mint sets or uncirculated sets?

The terms "mint" and "uncirculated" both imply pristine condition, so the value would depend upon the coins. However, mint condition confers more value on coins intended for circulation--most of wh... Read More »