Where is the gun that killed Jesse James?

Answer The current location of the gun that killed Jesse James is unknown. In November 2003, an anonymous Florida collector bought the gun at Little John's Antique Arms and Auction Inc. for $350,000.Refer... Read More »

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What state was Jesse James killed in?

The outlaw Jesse James was shot while standing on a chair in his family home on Lafayette Street in St. Joseph, Missouri. He was killed by brothers Bob and Charles Ford on April 3, 1882.References:... Read More »

Who killed Jesse James and under what circumstances?

Jesse James was a legendary figure of the Wild West and the most famous member of the James-Younger outlaw gang. Jesse James was killed on April 3, 1882, in St. Joseph, Missouri, by Robert Ford, a ... Read More »

Who is Jesse James?

In American history, the name Jesse James typically refers to Jesse Woodson James, an outlaw whose criminal exploits in the mid-19th century American West are considered legendary. The name may als... Read More »

What other names did jesse james use?

Jessie Woodson James used the name J.D. Howard and Mr. Howard in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1875, and Thomas Howard while living in St. Joseph, Missouri. James was shot dead on April 3, 1882.Source:E... Read More »