My husband called me an idiot just because I called him lazy, is this justified?

Answer It depends. Is he really lazy? Or did he just not do something. Are you really an idiot? Or is this question just idiotic?

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Was john carpenter the contestant on who wants to be a millionaire that called his father as a phone a friend and said dad just called to let you know i won a million dollars?

Am i fat My mom just called me fat!?

Your ResultsThe information you provided gives a BMI of 22.8.This BMI means your child is at an ideal weight. An ideal BMI for your child's gender and age is between 15.6 and 23.Having an ideal wei... Read More »

My phone just called the police!!?

They'll probably ring you back. Just tell them your phone is playing funny buggers. They'll understand x

The number 666 just called my phone?

It was probably a random code sent by the phone company computer to test the line. It would not know that it could freak some one out.They do that searching for bad connections, crossed lines or o... Read More »