Who is youtube's biggest star?

Answer WHO THE HELL ARE LG13 AND LISANOVAIf they are supposed to be stars people should know them T_Ti would say-Whatthebuck-NigaHiga-kevjumba-happyslip ( i think shes stupid but w/e)-Most of the celebrit... Read More »

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What is the name of the biggest star we know of?

As of 2008, the largest known star in the universe is VY Canis Majoris, located in constellation Canis Major. VY Canis Majoris is a red hypergiant star that could be up to 2,100 times the size of o... Read More »

Am i the only one who is pissed about youtubes new updates?

Well YT is owned by Google so what do you expect? Google is well known for swamping every site they havesomething to do with with adverts.Does Google give a monkeys, no of course it doesn't?Google ... Read More »

Which Hollywood star gave her name to the title of Mika's biggest hit?

"Grace Kelly" was the biggest industry hit single for singer Mika, occurring early in his career. The track appears on the 2007 album "Life in Cartoon Motion" and went on to receive nominations for... Read More »

Youtubes 2011 video rewards today?

NO. NO, It is a scam. If you read the fine print it signs you up for a $9.99 sms text game service. You will never recieve your ipad/phone/macbook. It is a total and complete scam. How it is lega... Read More »