Who is your veggie support system?

Answer One of my cousins only orders veggie food when we go out to eat. I never told him that eating with omnis bothers me (because it doesn't), and he's never mentioned why he does it.After I became a v... Read More »

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What Is a Decision Support System and What Does It Do?

A decision support system is usually interactive and software based. It helps organizations such as businesses to analyze data about current situations, compare available options and assess probabl... Read More »

Does Windows XP support the UDF file system?

Windows XP can read discs created with the UDF file system as long as UDF versions 1.02, 1.5 or 2.01 are used. However, certain disc burning programs use compression to fit more files on a disc. Co... Read More »

How many processors in a system can windows xp support?

Windows XP Professional and the 64-bit edition of XP Professional can handle up to two processors, according to Microsoft. However, you should consider using a multicore processor instead of two se... Read More »

Would you support a high-speed rail system across your country?

Absolutely (USA). But, first we need to get all the politicians to get their sticky fingers off the HSR systems and let people who know what they're doing design the things. In the US, HSR would ... Read More »